This page includes active legislation and upcoming bills that we as educators and laborers need to take action before they come up for a vote.

SB 193 was a DANGEROUS bill that would deplete funding for public schools. It will likely come up again at the legislature. Be vigilant, as our representatives may be different when it comes again after the election.

As an example, if a parent decided to take their child out of public education, this bill says that the money utilized by the public school system for that child would go with him/her. The parents/guardians would get that money and would not have to be accountable for it, or for their child’s education. They could use it for a private school, a charter school or for homeschooling. However, when the child returns to pubic education, the money does not return with them. We will essentially have to pay twice for many students.  Watch this message from President Megan Tuttle:

These fact sheets will give you an idea of how detrimental this bill will be to Manchester and to all public education.

Voucher Fact Sheets

Vouchers: what Manchester will lose

These articles describe how this bill will affect students with disabilities:

RHNH_SB 193_Data on Enrollment Analysis

RHNH_Press Release_SB193_Data on Enrollment


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