The Political Action Committee of the MEA is chaired by Tom Lynch and Shane Rozamus.

This committee interviews candidates for local offices and makes recommendations to the Executive Board. Committee meetings are held at various times throughout the year, depending on political season. Please refer to the calendar for meeting dates and times.

The PAC often holds fundraising activities throughout the year to build our political action account. This account is used to contribute to candidates who stand with MEA on education issues, and who MEA recommends. Dues dollars do not go toward Political Action.

MEA is supporting Joyce Craig in the Mayor’s race. Please contact us to help her campaign.

Think Education: The MEA asks for all members to contribute $5 each year to build the PAC fund. For every $5 donated, the members name goes into a box used for multiple raffles throughout the year.

The Executive Board has approved the following list of candidates for recommendation by the MEA:

Ward 1: Alderman -Kevin Cavanaugh

School Board- Sarah Ambrogi

Ward 2: Alderman- Will Stewart

School Board- David Scannell

Ward 3: Alderman – Pat Long and Tim Baines

School Board- Mary Ngwanda Georges

Ward 4: Alderman – Christpoher Herbert

School Board- Leslie Want

Ward 5: Alderman- Tony Sapienza

School Board- Kathy Staub

Ward 6: Alderman- Peter Maccone

School Board- Dan Bergeron

Ward 7: Alderman- Brenda Noiseux

School Board- Ethan Moorehouse

Ward 8: Alderman- Betsy DeVries

School Board- Erika Connors

Ward 9: Alderman- Barbara Shaw and James Burkush

Ward 10: Alderman- Bill Barry

School Board- John Avard

Ward 11: Alderman- Normand Gamache

School Board- Kate Desrochers

Ward 12: Alderman- Hassan Essa

School Board- Connie Van Houten

At Large: Alderman- Dan O’Neil

School Board- Nancy Tessier

These candidates have shown or indicated their support of public education and labor in deed and during interviews.

Please remember to vote in the General Election on November 7!

Please fill out and return the attached entry form with your attached payment to the MEA-PAC
Name: ___________________________________________
Phone: __________________________________________
All proceeds go to the MEA-PAC Fund $5.00 EACH ÜÜÜ E-Mail: __________________________________________
OCTOBER 2017 School_______________________
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Solar Fusion LED Light & Power Bank Canvas wine caddy with a bottle of wine Quilted lunch caddy Patriots team apparel jacket: Size M Bath & Body Works gift Manchester, NH cap North Peak 60-can Rolling Cooler
Kristy Cose @ McDonough Linda Fortier @ MMHS/Kitchen Maddy Carignan@ Hillside Marcel Veilleux @ Southside (Family of Erin) $25.00 CASH $25.00 CASH
Pure Haven Gift Basket Kayleen Kenney @ Weston Paula Kew @ Smyth Rd Lolli Bonte @ West HS
8 9 10 11 12 13 14
$25.00 gift card- BILLY’S “Relax” Gift Basket 16 GB Kindle and case Norwex package Yeti Mug $25.00 gift card-Market Basket Coleman Camp Grill
Judt Godbout @ McDonough Handmade Pottery by Claire Provencher Kim Hughes @ McLaughlin Sheri Cunan @ Southside Delrae Kirkhart @ MMHS Megan Roukey @ Smyth Rd
Mary Pacheco @ Candia
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
PartyLite Mr. Frosty Jar Holder $25.00 gift card- THE SHASKEEN $25.00 CASH Laurel Hill Jams & Jellies-3 Wine Jellies in a gift crate $25.00 gift card-HANNAFORD $25.00 CASH 31 Oh-Snap Bin
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
PartyLite Medium Resort Lantern “Keep Calm or I will Use My Teacher Voice” Charm Bracelet Rodan and Fields gift certificate $25.00 gift card- NH Liquor & Wine Mary Kay Satin Hands package and Travel Organizer Manchester, NH cap Laurel Hill Jams & Jellies-3 Fruit Jams in a gift crate
$25.00 CASH
29 30 31
$25.00 cash Gift Certificate- Thirty One $100.00 gift card- CANOE RESTAURANT