The Political Action Committee of the MEA is chaired by Tom Lynch and Shane Rozamus.

This committee interviews candidates for local offices and makes recommendations to the Executive Board. Committee meetings are held at various times throughout the year, depending on political season. Please refer to the calendar for meeting dates and times.

The PAC often holds fundraising activities throughout the year to build our political action account. This account is used to contribute to candidates who stand with MEA on education issues, and who MEA recommends. Dues dollars do not go toward Political Action.

Think Education: The MEA asks for all members to contribute $5 each year to build the PAC fund. For every $5 donated, the members name goes into a box used for multiple raffles throughout the year.

We did it!!! The Voucher Bill was defeated! Although it was attached to the Death Benefit Bill (to see if we would give it up to keep the death benefit), we pushed forward and defeated SB 193. The Death Benefit Bill (HB 1314), however, was attached elsewhere and has made it through the Legislature. Stay on top of this! With another school shooting last week, that threat is ever present and the bill is a necessity for the families of educators in NH.

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Education Organizer’s Weekly Message
May 29th, 2018 

Betsy DeVos: On the Wrong Side of the Constitution when it comes to Immigrant Children

Last week Education Secretary Betsy DeVos struck fear in the heart of every immigrant family in America with school-aged children when she told a Congressional Committee it is “a local community decision” for schools to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on potentially undocumented students. She claimed, “there is confusion around this.” The only person who is confused is Betsy DeVos. Her suggestion that communities can make up their own policies regarding their treatment of immigrant students would violate the Constitution, based on the Plyler v. Doe Supreme Court decision of 1982, which found that K-12 schools can’t deny students access to public education based on their immigration status.

Framing the Debate

Time and again – whether the concern is immigrant children, students with disabilities, or LGBTQ students – DeVos suggests there is “confusion” or “unsettled law” regarding students’ rights to an education. The Secretary of Education should enforce the law, not encourage individuals and communities to go rouge, break established legal precedent, and deny certain students an access to education. Our collective future as a nation depends on educating every child.

Making it Local

School districts across the US have passed or are considering Safe Zones policies to protect immigrant students. Has yours? Find out here and learn all that’s entailed in making your local schools a safe zone for immigrant children.

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In a new video, educators tell compelling stories of how immigration enforcement actions are disrupting their students’ lives and affecting not just students’ education, but their overall wellbeing. The teachers’ courage in standing up for their students is inspiring.

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Little Sis Documents the Movers and Shakers Fighting Against Education in the #REDforED States

Little Sis – the national database on the Right – has put together a great report on the monied players behind the efforts to dismantle public education and teachers unions in Colorado, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Arizona. In the wake of teacher uprisings in those states, it’s incredibly useful to understand who the enemies of public education are, and how they ply their trade. If you don’t know Little Sis, you need to. Check out their website HERE, and the new resource on the education battles in the #RedforEd states HERE.



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This graph clearly shows scores on The Nation’s Report Card closely track school spending. The analysis accompanying this graph convincingly argues that stagnation in scores is linked to education funding cuts since the Great Recession.

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