The Political Action Committee of the MEA is chaired by Tom Lynch and Shane Rozamus.

This committee interviews candidates for local offices and makes recommendations to the Executive Board. Committee meetings are held at various times throughout the year, depending on political season. Please refer to the calendar for meeting dates and times.

The PAC often holds fundraising activities throughout the year to build our political action account. This account is used to contribute to candidates who stand with MEA on education issues, and who MEA recommends. Dues dollars do not go toward Political Action.

Bowling Event!! Come with us to Lakeside Lanes and have a fun afternoon of bowling, prizes and raffles! Bring family and friends to a day of laughs. Pizza provided! See below for the event details and the sign up form.

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Think Education: The MEA asks for all members to contribute $5 each year to build the PAC fund. For every $5 donated, the members name goes into a box used for multiple raffles throughout the year.

Postcard Campaign!! This is on now!! Contact your legislators and tell them to vote NO on SB 193 (Voucher Bill). It will devastate public schools. The vote is one of the first in January, so send the postcards NOW!!

Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools (AROS) News:

Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools - Peoples Action

Education Organizer’s Weekly Message
December 19, 2017

This week in the national education narrative…

Republicans have managed to use their conference committee to make their tax plan even worse for education. Bad additions to the bill give wealthy people more ways to lower their taxes by donating to private K-12 schools. One gives rich people a way to use their college savings accounts to pay for private and religious K-12 schools. Another enlarges a loophole that allows wealthy taxpayers to make a profit by donating to private K-12 school voucher programs. Specifically, the tax bill

·         Allows individuals to use 529 savings accounts – currently reserved for college-related expenses – to also cover expenses at K-12 private schools, including religious schools. Over 30 states offer a tax deduction or credit for 529 plan contributions.

·         Provides a way in 10 states – Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Kansas, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Virginia –for increased numbers of wealthy taxpayers to turn a profit by making donations to private school voucher funds (or “scholarship granting organizations”). Under this new system, taxpayers donating to a voucher fund can write off the full donation on their state taxes and get a 37 percent deduction on that donation in federal taxes too. So a donation of $1 million to vouchers can yield a tax savings of $1.37 million – a 37% return on investment every year.

Both the 529 extension and the expanded tax credit loophole reduce money available for local schools.

 Framing the Debate

These new additions to the Republican tax bill provide a backdoor to funding school vouchers. Like vouchers, these policies redirect public money for educating all children to private schools, including religion-based schools. Diverting funds from public schools harms our children’s education because schools are forced to respond to the lost money by cutting staff and programs. Both changes are a give-away to the rich because high-income taxpayers are the main beneficiaries.

 Making it Local

Hundreds of #TrumpTaxScam demonstrations and protests have been staged across the country, and fair tax activists are urging voters to call their representatives in Congress to tell them to vote no to this harmful legislation.

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