This year’s NEA Annual Representative Assembly was held in Boston. Manchester’s delegation worked diligently to complete the business put before us. I attended some workshops prior to the Convention. These were designed around Equity Literacy specifically for Urban locals. These will be very important as we focus on equity in the schools. You may see some visitors from other states and the national level of NEA in our schools this year as we continue to develop our own equity literacy.

All members!! Please check on your life insurance through NEA. Many people have not indicated who they want as the beneficiary, or need to change their beneficiary. This is an important piece of your membership.

We brought the question of losing preplanned days out to snow days beyond the school board. They agreed with our argument, but didn’t give us a full written agreement. We are in the process of making sure the days are fully returned.

We are no longer waiting for approval of the new evaluation system from the principals union. They have been fully trained on the new system so they will be ready for next year. Please remember that the MEA has nothing to do with writing the evaluation system – your colleagues wrote this plan in conjunction with the district. MEA Leadership was invited to help with editing at the end of the process. The district is required by DOE to write a new eval plan and a new PD plan every 5 years.

Please report any safety issues to your building principal first, then have your building rep inform me so I can make sure these issues are resolved.

Please make sure you are reporting any and all incidents in writing to your principal, especially incidents of school violence. I met with the Safety Review Board recently, and helped them to realize that the reports they had did not indicate the real number of teachers and staff being hurt on the job.

Check out the MEA News page for great recognition.

MEA had 31 members retiring last year!!! We are honored to have worked along side these people in the pursuit of educating Manchester children.

Have a great school year,