The week before April vacation is so slow, but the time between April vacation and the end of school flies by!!! As you have seen, the last day for students is June 15. It will be an early release day for elementary students. It will be a full day for middle and high school students, and finals will take place from the 12th to the 15th of June.

School will start for the 18-19 school year on August 31 for us, with set-up day on September 4. Students will start September 5, along with orientation and assessment for Kindergarten on September 5-7. All students will be in school on September 10. Although I certainly understand the conveniences of having a longer weekend and students starting on Tuesday, this was a well thought out decision with input from the Executive Board, NEA-NH leadership, and members. My job is to defend the contract and to make sure it is enforced.

Negotiations have started rather slowly. The teams have met a couple of times, but have a calendar of upcoming meetings. We did receive many great suggestions over the past year with the survey, and the general membership meeting generating the most. Thank you for your voices in this, and for your patience as we meet and continue to work out language issues. It is exciting work!!

‘Tis the season to start looking at transfers and changes. Please remember that your administrator has the right to change your assignment within your certification areas. They are to determine what is best for the building, grade levels, teams and students. You are certainly able to have a professional conversation about your assignment or making a change.

We have worked very collaboratively with District on a number of projects: West Redesign, Project Based Learning, and Manchester Proud to name a few.

Budget doesn’t look promising, again, but we are working hard on messaging to the School Board and the public about investing in the Schools Manchester Students Deserve. Our Communication and Action Committee is active and making great strides in their communications. Please attend the BOSC and BOMA meetings.

In Solidarity,