I wish you a peaceful, restful and joyous season of holidays!

It is December 13 and we have some snow on the ground. This is the first time in a long time I have time in the office to communicate with you. We are busy with member concerns, yes, but we are also working hard to collaborate with the District on exciting ventures like Community Schools, fighting SB 193, and deep diving into courses of study and leveling.


Your leadership team has worked hard to be frugal and transparent with your dues. We are waiting to hear whether or not we are receiving a couple of grants. These help to greatly offset any spending for projects and for sending members to special conferences.

In January, the MEA will be organizing the reinstitution of the Manchester Labor Council. We will also be attending the first meeting of the new Board of School Committee, wearing red, to welcome the new Board and Mayor. Please join us on January 8 at City Hall. (See the Events sidebar for details.)

Negotiations will begin in January. Your Negotiations Chairperson is Cheryl Kearney. She will send out communications as warranted to keep the membership up to date on these proceedings.

Maxine and I spent several days in Portland, OR in November at the NCUEA Conference. This was a meeting for urban locals. We learned so much, and are looking forward to helping our membership move education forward. As a result of this meeting, we are sending a team of 5 to Milwaukee for a conference on Community Schools.

Please report any safety issues to your building principal first, then have your building rep inform me so I can make sure these issues are resolved.

Please make sure you are reporting any and all incidents in writing to your principal, especially incidents of school violence. I met with the Safety Review Board recently, and helped them to realize that the reports they had did not indicate the real number of teachers and staff being hurt on the job.

Check out the MEA News page for great recognition.


In Solidarity,