Brothers and Sisters,

You will receive a communication from the Communication and Action Committee regarding the plan for this year starting next week. We will work to the letter of the contract. We will wear red on Mondays. We will only stay after school if there is monetary compensation. This is a stepped-up method to bring more clarity to what we do and what we have to do it with.

This is a time when we really need to stick together – all of us. Yes, we are in active negotiations, but our collective efforts and our participation in them is the key to a real movement. Watch your emails for more information and more consistent communications.

Reach out to your city representatives – the Board of School Committee and the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. Reach out to your neighbors and friends in the city and ask them to attend the Board meetings.

Reach out to us. Stop the rumor mill in its tracks. I have heard some pretty crazy things lately, that if the person had asked me directly I would have given them the correct answer and relieved some stress that was completely unnecessary. Going after each other from within is caustic. Let’s not add stress to ourselves about things for which we can find answers easily.


In Solidarity,