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May 27, 2022
We are in school while yet another school shooting has affected the safety of all schools. The ripple effect of a school shooting, far away in Texas, still hits home for educators, as we reevaluate over and over what we can do to keep students safe. Addressing this has to be a massive collaborative effort that includes educators, parents and guardians, the community, the local, state and national legislatures, and the mental health community. We cannot send this back to thoughts and prayers, we need action and change. We need to also take the time to connect with our educators and students, who are left with trauma, anxiety, anguish, and profound grief. Educators across the country are a family who feel each other’s pain and sorrow. Our students become our “family” for the school year and we mourn our friends’ losses of their “families” from school.
This is the time to work together for change. Change in how we recognize and treat mental illness. Change in being ok to “see something, say something”. Change in how we value human lives, children’s lives. Change in how we listen to and understand each other, and be okay with another person’s point of view. Change in being open to finding common ground and compromise.

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