Here is the latest in negotiations, and other areas for you to be aware of.

Negotiations: The Board has reached out to return to the table. We have heard your messages loud and clear about the offers that were placed before you from the Factfinder. We were very glad to confirm that we have been working on this in the way you have asked us to do. We will keep you informed once we have a meeting set up.

School Year ’19-’20: The school year starts for us on August 30, 2019. This is a required day for all professional staff, and is District directed. September 3, 2019 is our set-up day, and is solely for that purpose. Be prepared for many staff changes: as of June 30 there were more than 90 professional staff openings on the District website, and we know more resignations are coming. We have experienced big overturns in staff before, and we look forward to meeting and helping the new staff.

In Solidarity,