Here is the latest in negotiations, and other areas for you to be aware of.

Negotiations: Voting will open Thursday, March 26 for contract ratification. All members will receive an email from NEA-NH, and have to use a specially created password. Members only will vote once. Voting is open through Friday, March 27 at 7pm sharp. Members and interested parties will receive an email with the results within 24 hours of the close of voting. 

School Year ’19-’20: We have experienced a MAJOR change in the way we are getting things done. We have been duly impressed with the response to this change to remote learning. I have seen colleagues reaching out across the District and within their own schools. Many of you who didn’t realize you were experts in technology now understand that you are a very valuable resource for your peers!! We are still in contact with District as this work continues. We don’t know when or if we will return to our classrooms, but know that we are here to support you no matter what.

We are constructing two committees that will be very helpful in the process of negotiations. If you would like to be on either committee, please send me an email. We will see what we can do to include as many people as possible. The first committee will look at educator absences and ways to positively encourage attendance in the workplace. The other committee will focus on the stipends for coaches and advisers of extracurricular activities, as most of those stipends have not changed for a very long time.

In Solidarity,