Sisters and Brothers,

We have successfully started the school year, and are rising to the challenge of getting to know students while they are either wearing masks or are on a screen. It is a change in how we do what we do. There is much that is interrupting our workflow, changing the way things are done, challenging our minds to expand while learning programs, and taking our focus off educating our students. In an effort to help with that, MEA and MSD have created a Memorandum of Agreement that helps to define roles during the pandemic, spells out what we can do, and designates the boundaries for educators and district.

The next steps are to shape a plan for moving toward a hybrid approach, if the data shows that the numbers are low enough to start bringing students back to school in the buildings. We are asking pertinent questions. We are directly involved in the decision making.

As your leaders, Maxine and I have met with the Network Directors. These are the three people who are working with principals and are the liaison to administration. We are finding them all very professional to work with, and they have been listening to us in order to form good decisions.

I have been involved in the process of interviewing candidates for a new UniServ Director for our region.

We appreciate your communications and are glad to continue our work this year. You are outstanding educators.

In Solidarity,