Sisters and Brothers,

It is time once again to pay close attention to the actions of the legislature. There are many bills introduced that are detrimental to public education, children and educators. We need to respond to the call for action from NEA and NEA-NH. We must stand up for educator rights, and student rights. We cannot sit back and say someone else will do it for us, we have to fight for our jobs, our work and our careers. There are bills that strip funding from the district, that undermine the mental and physical safety of children, and change parameters of retirement. We are public educators (not servants) and there are people who want their hands on the multibillion dollar enterprise that is public education. Unfortunately, that includes politicians who, without proper qualifications, are running public education in New Hampshire. Now is the time to come together, as a union, and fight back.

We cannot pass on the work to others. We must take part.

In Solidarity,