To All Manchester Educators, Staff, Administration, and the Community:

Thank you to all stakeholders for the support you have given to the educators of Manchester. We are humbled by the love and attention you have shown us. We work with our students to always exceed expectations and we are grateful that you are recognizing our efforts and contributions.

Our contract is passed and ratified. We are in the final stages of having the document completed and signed. We are very pleased for the many educators who will gain from the language and the pay scale. We did this for you. We are also pleased for the communication and connection with District leaders that was developed during this process. We are gratedul that the District leadership was so committed to this contract, and creating a document that provided much needed change for all of us.

Schools will still be there, and we will get back to them. We need to concentrate on now. Our students still need us to educate them. Our community still needs the connection to the educators. We all need to take a breath and continue on the journey of remote learning. This is not homeschooling. We are teaching from remote locations. We need to remember it is alright to be emotional. It is alright to rely on each other to help us through the tough days. MEA has two mottos: Every Child..Every Day, and Against the Odds We Succeed. We are certainly living up to our mottos.

Although I am not a full time release president, I spend a full time day working on your behalf, as well as teaching full time. We are ready to workk on developing what our new school year will look like and are excited to see the creativity and dedication this community possesses for its children. Please know that you are amazing, and that MEA is here for you.