EDUCash is now open for donations!! See your building rep or below for forms. EduCash drawings will take place in January, 2020. All winners will be announced shortly thereafter. There will be 10 drawings for $20 prizes. We are no longer asking for numbers on the form, as we have retired the former system of numbered ping pong balls and are now using a program that will shuffle names and pick them out randomly. Due to the decreased donations to EDUCash, there are fewer prizes to donors so we can retain the monetary help for students receiving the scholarships.


The Scholarship Application Period is currently open, and will closed March 16, 2020. 

Congratulations to the following recipients of the MEA Scholarship:

Central High School 2019:

Rachel Phelan          Kate Bilodeau

Sam Colby               Nicolette Bruno

West High School:

Corinne Robitaille     Julia Robitaille

Concord High School:

Julia Terrell              Theodora Schirl


Congratulations to the following recipient of the Scott McGilvray Scholarship:

Sam Colby, CHS


*****Please note: Applications will be disqualified if the MEA member (parent or grandparent), current or retired, is not contributing to the EduCash Program. Applications will also be disqualified if they are incomplete, or received after the due date.*****


Scholarship awards may range up to $500, depending on the number of applicants and the decisions of the Scholarship Committee to grant awards.