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The Political Action Committee of the MEA is chaired by Tom Lynch.

This committee interviews candidates for local offices and makes recommendations to the Executive Board. Meetings are currently being scheduled and will occur in the next few weeks. Please contact  us if you want to be on the interview committee. Committee meetings are held at various times throughout the year, depending on political season. Please refer to the calendar for meeting dates and times.

The PAC often holds fundraising activities throughout the year to build our political action account. This account is used to contribute to candidates who stand with MEA on education issues, and who MEA recommends. Dues dollars do not go toward Political Action.

Think Education: The MEA asks for all members to contribute $5 each year to build the PAC fund. For every $5 donated, the members name goes into a box used for multiple raffles throughout the year.

Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools (AROS) News:

Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools - Peoples Action

        The Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools Newsletter                August 9, 2019

Welcome to our August 9th newsletter! As always, share the latest stories from your city or state with us on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget to tell your friends and colleagues to sign up for our newsletter here.

Hillsborough school district responds to teacher pay request

Union negotiations resumed Wednesday between the Hillsborough County School District and its teachers, with the two sides inching closer to an acceptable pay plan.

District leaders agreed to a starting salary of $40,000, to be continued for three years. They shaved some money off the later years’ salaries, capping pay at $66,700 where the union had asked for $68,000. But, human resources chief Marie Whelan said, overall, “we’re not that far apart.”  Bargaining will continue Friday, and the process is far from finished.

In addition to base pay for approximately 15,000 employees in the teachers’ bargaining group, there are questions about extra money for those with advanced degrees and National Board certification, and for those who teach children with disabilities. Read more here.

In Wake of Successful Teachers’ Strike, Reclaim Our Schools LA Releases Case Study of Parent and Student Organizing.

The 2019 Los Angeles teachers’ strike was nothing short of a paradigm shift in the local narrative about public education. The first “Red for Ed” strike to occur in a deeply blue state, it mobilized tens of thousands of Angelenos into rainy morning picket lines and onto the streets of Downtown LA. The strike resulted in a stunning array of substantive victories well beyond the scope of a typical labor agreement. Now, Reclaim Our Schools LA is sharing its strategy in the form of a new case study.


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