MEA’s Political Action Committee is an active group that is an integral part of the political scene in Manchester. Their function is to remain vigilant regarding local elections, interview all candidates who choose to sit with us, and get Manchester educators to Think Education, even when voting.

The PAC holds a few meetings per year, and also hosts a few meetings with the leadership of other unions in the city. Those on the committee also attend political functions being held around the state.

MEA PAC holds a few functions each year to raise funds to support political endeavors, including a cash calendar, bowling, and socials. Raffles are at every function. Take a look at the Events Page to find out what activities are going on sponsored by the PAC.




  • Joyce Craig 

Alderman at Large

  • Dan Goonan –
  • June Trisciani 
  • Daniel P. O’Neil

School Board At Large

  • Peter Argeropolous
  • Jim O’Connell 

Ward 1 Alderman

  • Kevin Cavanaugh

Ward 1 SB

  • Julie Turner

Ward 2 Alderman

  • Will Stewart 

Ward 2 School Board

  • Sean Parr 

Ward 3 Alderman

  • Pat Long

Ward 3 School Board

  • Karen Soule 

Ward 4 Alderman

  • Christine Fajardo 

Ward 4 School Board

  • Leslie Want

Ward 5 Alderman

  • Tony Sapienza

Ward 5 School Board

  • Jeremy Dobson

Ward 6 Alderman

We recommend no one


Ward 6 School Board

We recommend no one


Ward 7 Alderman

  • Mary Heath  

Ward 7 School Board

  • Chris Potter 
  • Brian Cole 

Ward 8 Alderman

  • Sean Sargent    

Ward 8 School Board

  • Peter Perich

Ward 9 Alderman

We recommend no one.


Ward 9 School Board

  • Ben Dion

Ward 10 Alderman

  • Bill Barry  

Ward 10 School Board

  • Gary Hamer  

Ward 11 Alderman

  • Normand Gamache

Ward 11 School Board

  • Nicole Leapley  

Ward 12 Alderman

  • Erin Kelly 

Ward 12 School Board

  • Ken Roy  



Here is how you can help for elections:
  • Call us so we can schedule you to hold signs on election day
  • Join canvassing coming up in all wards
  • Donate to candidates or to Think Education
  • Put a sign for a supported candidate on your lawn or in your car

PAC takes PayPal and Venmo. Please donate to Think Education today!

Donate to the Political Action Committee’s Think Education Fund through PayPal!! See your representative for details.